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Pictures of interesting guitars.

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I'm certainly not an accomplished guitarist, but I do own a few guitars. I have a Martin 000-28EC, #3296, a Black Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster, S/N 8958714, and natural finish mid -70's Fender Stratocaster, 381187.

My Christies Auction Story

My dream would be to own one of Eric Clapton's guitars. When Eric Clapton put his guitars up for auction at Christie's, I decided to order the book that listed all of the guitars. When the book arrived, my wife asked, much to my surprise, "Which guitar are we going to bid on?" After I picked myself up off the floor, I began to look more closely at which I would like.

I called Christies about the absentee bids and found that I could bid on several guitars and if I won a bid, they would stop my bidding (while I would like to have more than one, I couldn't afford more than one). I really wanted a guitar that Eric Clapton had played, and I wanted a Signature Strat.

I fax a bid to Christie's to bid on 12 guitars but by that time they were limiting absentee bids to no more than 4 guitars. What I decided to bid on was:

Lot #2 - A 1996 Midnight Blue Strat - Unless Eric Clapton held one of these back, I think this is the only one of these in existence. Almost all of the other Strats were in pairs. This was the only midnight blue up for action. Since he also played this guitar, this was one I really wanted. Final bid: $35,000 ($40,250 with commission).

Lot #4 - A 1998 Sunburst Strat - Again, as far as I know, this is the only sunburst EC Strat. Although EC did not play this guitar in concert, it is still unusual. The fact that he didn't play this guitar made me think this was my best shot. Final bid: $22,000 ($25,300 with commission)

Lot #63 - A 1987 Red Start (the first of 2) - I think the red Strat is a great color. This is a guitar that was used by EC for a significant amount of concerts. I may have even seen him play this one. Final bid: $60,000 ($68,500 with commission)

Lot #78 - A 1987 Green Strat (the second of 2) - This would have been my first choice. I like the greens ones the best. This one even had an extra active/passive selector switch. Final bid: $55,000 ($63,000 with commission)

My theory was to try to get one of the first, before people got going or to try to get one right before the old ones went up. Unfortunately, I didn't win any of my bids.

I have come in contact with the winner of lot #67, the other of the Red Strats. Of course I offered to buy at any time. There have been others that have come on the market but none that I want nor at I price that I can afford. If anyone happens to read this and has one of the Strats that they would like to sell, I'd be more than interested.

I've thought about trying to buy one of the Martin 000-42EC's (the limited edition, only 461 made). The only way I could justify one of those would be for investment and I'm just not sure. If I found one for the right price, who knows? Of course, Martin has just introduced the Martin 000-42ECB. They will make only 200 of these guitars.

Fools SG

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