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Design Analysis tools for Additive Manufacturing

by Botao Zhang last modified 2016-08-29 14:42

As additive manufacturing(AM) takes a completely new approach to create parts, the conventional design for manufacturing rules are not applicable to AM. To develop and explore the new design paradigm for AM, the research team at CGDM is working on Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) guidelines and tools that will assist engineers in creating lightweight and functional part designs. Based on the DFAM guidelines, design evaluation tools are developed for AM. The tools help engineers assess the producibility of a part and identify the design issues ahead of time and make necessary corrections in order to mitigate manufacturability issues.
The students have developed the algorithms and tools which take STL files as an input and perform design analysis within Matlab. Students have also developed the tools for CAD environment such as Siemens NX to directly process CAD geometries.

Figure: Design analysis of hip implant part within Matlab for AM

Figure: Design analysis tools for AM within Siemens NX

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