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Lattice Strcutures For Additive Manufacuturing

by Botao Zhang last modified 2017-05-31 16:56

  • Design of variable-density structures for additive manufacturing using gyroid structure

  • This research presents an approach to design gyroid structures of uniformly varying density based on previously established relationship between the parametric equation of gyroids and the volume fraction. The method helps to achieve control over location based variation of the cellular density as well as unit cell size without losing any surface continuity of the gyroids. A topology optimization based methodology is used as the basis for generating variable-density gyroid lattice structures within a given design space under predefined loading conditions.

    Figure: variable-density structure designs using gyroid structures.

  • Novel design approaches using various types of cellular lattice structures for AM

  • The research team is also exploring the field of cellular structures which will help create intelligent designs tailored for applications under various structural and thermal conditions. The center’s objective is to combine the capabilities of AM processes with optimum designs using cellular and bionic structures.

    Figure: Cellular Lattice Structures for Additive Manufacturing .

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