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Subtractive Manufacturing

by Botao Zhang last modified 2016-08-29 14:41

Analysis of manufacturing processes and process capabilities using deterministic (Computational Geometry, 3D Data Structures, Visibility Graphs, etc) and statistical tools (ANOVA, regression, etc) is a primary focus of the research efforts undertaken by Dr. Anand. Manufacturing processes analyzed in CAMLab include turning, milling, casting, CNC cutting, Rapid Prototyping (RP)/Additive Manufacturing (AM) etc.

Figure: Parting Line Direction in Casting using Accessibility Cones

Figure: Optimal Tool Path Planning for Machining of non-convex pockets with islands

Figure: Optimal Parting Line Calculation for Casting Process

Figure: Left: Virtual Modeling of Turned Part; Right: Overall Schematic for Virtual Manufacturing and Inspection of Turned Parts

Figure: Virtual Modeling of Turned Parts

Figure: Optimal Tool Path Planning for Pocket Machining

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