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Past Students

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Previous Students

Ph.D. : -

Shrikant Pattnaik, September 2006 - July 2011

Thesis: Development of Analytical Models to Study Musculoskeletal and Vascular Damage Leading to Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome;  Currently with Gillitte Co., Boston, MA 

Won Joon Song, September 2005 - March 2010

Thesis: Study on Human Auditory Auditory System Models and Risk Assessment of Noise Induced Hearing Loss; Currently with Korea Institute of Machinery and Metallurgy (KIMM)

Xiang-Dong Zhu, September 2001-2008
Thesis: Development and Applications of Analytic Wavelet Transform Technique with Apsecial Attention to Noise Risk Assessment of Impulsive Noises. Currently with Parker Haniffin

Gokhan Ozgen, September 2001-November 2007
Thesis: Development of New Damping Identification Techniques based on the DSM Method, Currently with Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Joon-Hyun Lee, September 1997-May 2001
Thesis: Development of New Techniques for Damping Identification and Sound Transmission Analysis of Various Structures, Currently with Samsung Electronics, Suwon, Korea

Chuck Kessler, September 1995-May 1999
Thesis: Complex Analysis of Vibration of Rotating Machinery, Currently with Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton, OH

Wei Zhou, December 1994-June 1998
Thesis: Vibroacoustics Problems in Compressor gas Pulsations, Currently with Carrier Co., Indianapolis, IN.

Kin Loong Hong, June 1991-June 1995
Thesis: Investigation of Acoustic-Structure Interaction Problems, Currently with LMS Co., Detroit, MI

Chenhua Wang, Sept. 1990-June 1995
Thesis: Study of the Dynamic Behavior of a Thin Cantilever Beam Impacting Against Various Types of Stops, June 1995, Currently with National Kaoshung First University, Kaoshung, Taiwan

Yin-Tsan Shih, Sept. 1991-Feb. 1995
Thesis: Development of Software for Compressor Gas Manifold Design by Utilizing Rule Based and Optimization Approaches, February 1995, Currently with Northrop Gruman Co., San Jose, California

Ki R. Sung, Sept. 1991-Jan. 1995
Thesis: Development of a Rule Based Expert System for Design of Compressor Valve Systems, Currently with Songdam Technical University, Suwon, Korea

Y.H. Cho, Sept. 1990-August 1993
Thesis: Analysis of Lateral Dynamics of a Human Steered Vehicle and Its Application to the Optimal Four Wheel Steering System, Currently with Dong Kook University, Seoul, Korea

Masters :

Vignesh Jayakumar, Jan 2015,

"Evaluation and Design of Noise Control Measures for a Pneumatic Nail Gun", Currently PhD student at University of Cincinnati

Alvin Lim, Jan 2014,

"Development of a Method to Estimate Forces between Tool and Hand, Tool and Work-piece in Hand-Held Portable Power Tools", Currently with Regal Beloit EPC

Matthew Coombs, Jan 2011,

"Development of an experimental method to identify structural properties of the intervertebral joint after spine staple implantation under simulated physiologic loads", Currently PhD student at University of Cincinnati

Ramakanth Maddali, Jan 2011,

"Parameter Studies of circular expnsion chambers using four-pole matrix approach while considering higher order mode effect", Currently with Chrysler Co.

Robin DeJager-Kennedy, May 2010,
Semi-Analytic Analysis of Hand-Arm Vibration and Bench-Top Fluid Test to Understand Vibration Effect on Vascular Disorder, Currently with AFeinTools Co.

Steve Goley, May 2010,  
Investigatoin and Improvement of Occupational and Military Noise Exposure Guidelines, Currently with Etegent Co.

Unnikrishnan Kuttan Chandrika, May 2009,
Development of New Algorithm for Automatic Detection and Rating of Squeak and Rattle Events in Automobiles, Currently with National Singapore University

John George, May 2007,
Topic: Analytical, Numerical and Experimental Calculation of Sound Transmission Characteristics of Single Walled Muffler Shells, Currently with Arvin Exhaust Co.

Shrikant Pattnaik, June 2006,
Topic: Prediction of Bending Waves in Plates Formed by Buckling during Rolling Process, Currently a Ph. D. student at UC.

Hyunsu Kim, June 2006,
Topic: Development of a Prognosis Method for Journal Bearing Failure in Centrifugal Air Compressor, Currently in the Ph.D. program at the Ohio State University

Prasad Kadam, April 2005,
Topic: Application and Comparison of Analytic, Numerical and Experimental Techniques to Formulate the Four-Pole Matrix of a Three-Dimensional Acoustic System, Currently with DaimlerChrysler, Detroit, MI.

Yagnesh Kikaganeshawala, Feb 2005,
Topic: Vibration Analysis of Gear System as Combined Rotor System based on Complex Rotor Variables, Currently with Siemens Energy & Automation., Cincinnati, OH.

Xiangdong Zhu, April 2004,
Topic: Application of Wavelet Based Advanced Signal Processing Techniques to Study Postural Balance of Lead-Infected Children, Currently in the Ph.D. Program at UC.

Prashant Kulkarni, August 2003,
Topic: Measurement of Four Pole Parameters for Hybrid Modeling of Acoustic Systems, Current with Wayman Co., Saginaw, MI

Jeff Hylock, August 2002,
Topic: Experimental Techniques for Direct Identification of Damping Matrices Currently with Los Alamos National Laboratory, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bruce Fouts, August 2000,
Topic: Noise Reduction of Small Power Tools and Measurement Methods, Currently with Honda Motors, Marysville, Ohio

Matt Dixon, August 1993,
Topic: An Investigation of Transient and Steady State Methods for Measuring Complex Acoustic Impedance and Absorptive Coefficient, Currently with Ford Motor Co., Detroit, MI

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