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Center for Applied Research & Development


The department of Mechanical Engineering Technology is proud to announce the establishment of the new Center for Applied Research and Development (CARD). This center is design to serve local industry. Services will be provided through:

A.    Student Senior Design Projects

B.    Faculty in their area of expertise

A. Senior Design – The Solution for your Problem

About the Project

Each MET Senior (or team of senior students) selects a problem to solve, researches the current trends including patents, develops alternative solutions, and selects the best design based on the client and engineering criteria. The design calculations and drawings are done and the bill of materials developed.

The prototype is built and tested and a report submitted detailing the entire process.

Client Involvement

The client will submit a problem (or problems) to be solved and designate a contact person. The student(s) will submit the proposal including the budget for approval. The budget will cover the cost of building and testing the prototype which the client will own upon completion. The student(s) will submit reports of progress at appropriate intervals by e-mail or fax to the client in order to ensure client satisfaction. In some cases, complex parts or processes may be required which the client can provide but the student(s) must supply shop drawings. The proposal will specify resources not available at the University.


Open to any industry or business. Annual membership is $1000. This amount will be applied to the direct costs incurred by the student(s) in developing the design and building and testing the prototype. These typically include materials, components, manufacturing and testing costs for the prototype, and supplies, reproduction costs, shop supervisor, long distance calls, on-line search fees, and travel expenses for mandatory site-visits.

If the cost of the project exceeds the $1000, the client is responsible for the additional funds. Excess money from the annual membership will be left in the senior design fund of the department.

How to Submit a Problem:

  • Deadline: August 20 th of calendar year
  • Fax or e-mail the problem to the center or a representative will meet with you to discuss the problem.
  • Problems will be offered to the seniors for their selection.
  • If a problem is selected, the industry contact will be notified. In October, the student(s) will communicate with the industry contact for preliminary budget approval.
  • No limit on the number of problems submitted by each member.

B. Faculty


Information will be available December 15, 2005