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MET Faculty

List of faculty in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program



Faculty Contact

Teaching and Research Interests

Al-Ubaidi, Muthar, Professor
PhD, 1984, University of Cincinnati

Office: A 608 Victory Parkway
Phone: 513-556-6575

Additive-manufacturing (AM)
technology, pedagogical scheme (engineering & technology education).

Arthur, Allen, Associate Dean
MS, University of Cincinnati

Office: 665 Baldwin Hall
Phone: 513-556-2739
Mechanical engineering technology.

Dong, Janet, Associate Professor
PhD, 2003, Columbia University
Co-director: Center for Robotics Research
Office: 494 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513 556-5305

Product design and simulation; manufacturing engineering and technology; control and automation; robot design and control; engineering applications to seniors nursing care and medical innovations.
 Ahmed Elgafy

Elgafy, Ahmed, Associate Professor-Educator
PhD, 1996, Mansoura University, Egypt
Office: 642 ERC/A 623 Victory Parkway
Phone: 513-556-5313

Nanocomposites (solid & liquid), advanced materials, and new generation of superior carbon foams for thermal management and energy conversion/storage systems, health monitoring structure.
 0027SalehpourAmir0975.jpg Salehpour, Amir, Associate Professor
MS ME, Youngstown State University
Office: 496 Rhodes / A617 Victory Parkway
Phone: 513 556-4015
Solid mechanics and design,  senior design projects; rapid prototyping and its applications.