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Approved Math Courses

The following courses are approved for ME-PhD and ME-MS students to satisfy their Math credit requirements (minimum 3 Math credits). Please note that 8000-level, 9000-level MATH courses and MATH-6015 Mathematical Programming can not be used to satisfy Math credit requirements.   Additionally, with advisor approval, certain courses outside of Mathematics department, with significant Math content, may count as Math courses.

List of Recommended MATH-prefixed Courses
MATH6006    Numerical Analysis            
MATH6007    Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Analysis           
MATH6008    Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes               
MATH6012    Applied Linear Algebra 
MATH6051    Applied Ordinary Differential Equations

Courses generally approved for MATH substitution:
AEEM 6015    Modern Control
BANA 6035     Simulation Modeling
BANA 7031     Probability Models
BANA 7041     Statistical Methods
EECE 6019      Probability and Random Processes
EECE 6024      Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
EECE 6043      Optimization Methods and Models
EECE 7033      Linear Systems Theory
EGFD 7051      Numerical Methods in Aerospace Fluid Mechanics
MECH 6060    Applied Fast Fourier Transforms
MECH 7054    Boundary Element Methods
MECH 7062    System Dynamic Analysis
MECH 7090    Conduction Heat Transfer
PHYS 7001      Mathematical Physics
STAT 6021    Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 6031    Applied Statistics I

Other Approved Math Courses
While those listed below are approved for Math credits, they are more theoretical and are generally taken by Math graduate students.  Please check with your advisor before registering for any course listed below.  

MATH6001    Advanced Calculus I           
MATH6002    Advanced Calculus II     
MATH6003    Abstract Linear Algebra                
MATH6005    Introduction to Complex Analysis              
MATH7001    Complex Analysis
MATH7002    Real Analysis             
MATH7004    Topology              
MATH7005    Ordinary Differential Equations       
MATH7006    Partial Differential Equations      
MATH7011    Advanced Mathematical Modeling       
MATH7073    Probability and Statistical Inference