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Graduate Students Association

 MME, previously known as SDS, is a member of the Graduate Student Governance Association (GSGA) at the University of Cincinnati. GSGA promotes programs that help make graduate students' lives easier. GSGA provides budgetary money to all active graduate programs. There is also a travel award program that provides funding for graduate students to attend professional conferences in their respective fields and a research travel grant that provides funding for research purposes. Also, individual graduate programs can apply for funds through a grant process for speakers, group travel, journal publications and educational events.

For complete information about the forms and requirements visit the GSGA web site .

MINE GSA conducts social and technical events every year. The events are decided by the MINE GSA officers. The events and their format changes every year. For the information about the past and present events visit the events page

If you have any questions you can contact the GSGA officers or MME's group officers:

President: Abishek Balsamy Kamaraj

Vice President: Rigwed Tatu

Treasurer: Devesh Dadhich Shreeram

Secretary: Ravik Chandra