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Prospecitve Students

Information for prospective students

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.  We think we have some wonderful and exciting opportunities for undergraduate students.

Our Department is home to both the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  If you are confused about the difference between the two degress, check out the link to the left on ME vrs MET.

Our Department is also home to the College wide minor in Materials Engineering and the minor in Nano Engineering.

If you are currently a high school senior and would like to apply to our program you need to visit the University on-line application page.

A note about application:  If you think you have the slightest interest in Mechanical Engineering then you should apply to Mechanical Engineering as a first choice.  If you later decide that you are not interested in Mechanical Engineering then you can apply to transfer to another engineering program or another College.  You should NOT apply to the Freshmen Engineering Program as a first choice with a potential goal of transferring into Mechanical Engineering.  Transfer into Mechanical Engineering is very competitive.

If you are a potential transfer student you should check the link on the left on Transfer Students.