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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Program Emphasis

Produce graduates that are able to develop new systems and products based on their knowledge of the fundamental theories of mechanical engineering.

Produce graduates that are able to apply established methods to quickly develop and implement solutions to problems involving mechanical systems.


The program emphasizes the concepts and underlying theories used to model and analyze mechanical systems and processes. Coursework involves the application of the theoretical knowledge to solve open-ended design problems.

The program is more hands-on, approaching a mechanical design by simplifying it to algebraic formulations when possible. Coursework includes labs and projects stressing the application and implementation of their design.


Mechanical engineers work in many industries, regulatory agencies and government research centers, and their work varies by industry, agency and function. Some specialties include applied mechanics; computer-aided design and manufacturing; energy systems; biomedical and safety engineering; and heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Technologists are generally hired by packaging, distribution, fabrication, manufacturing and construction companies. Engineering consulting firms and companies that sell mechanical equipment also hire technologists. Like their engineering counterparts, they can also be found in government research centers and regulatory agencies.

Long Term Career Potential

Many move into management positions, become professional engineers, or become specialists in their field. Those that go on to graduate school may work in academia as professors, do research at national research labs, or are hired by corporate research facilities.

With experience and education, mechanical engineering technologists may obtain employment as designers, planners, inspectors, cost estimators, quality assurance coordinators or even purchasers. They can advance to supervisory or managerial positions; professional engineer.