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Mechanical Engineering at UC

The majority of activities in Mechanical Engineering at UC take place on the 5th and 6th floors of the Rhodes/ Baldwin Engineering Complex/Engineering Research Center. Much of the activities are centered around the High Bay Laboratory (584 Baldwin Hall). Faculty offices are located on the 5th and 6th floors and the Department Office is located in 598 Rhodes Hall.

As with all Engineering Programs at UC, the Mechanical Engineering program is a 5-year, full-time, mandatory co-op program.

Outside of 588 Rhodes Hall is the undergraduate information bulletin board. Information regarding class advisers, current curriculum sheets, rules and guidelines, and general information can be found at this location. In the same area is a faculty roster that includes office numbers.

Students are assigned an adviser at the beginning of their freshmen year. Each student should make a habit of consulting with their adviser each semester that they attend classes.

Important department and college administrative offices (as of April 2002):

  • 598 Rhodes Hall - MINE Department Office
  • 665 Baldwin Hall - College Office of Academic Affairs, Assistant Dean Bowers
  • 665 Baldwin Hall - College Registration Office
  • 665 Baldwin Hall - Freshman Adviser's Office, Assistant Dean Nevin

General information concerning the undergraduate program at UC is contained in the Undergraduate Faculty Adviser's Manual. The Manual contains information on:

  1. The Grading System
  2. Special Registration Information (substitute courses, irregular programs, etc.)
  3. Degree Requirements
  4. Scholastic Standards and Faculty Actions (including good standing)
  5. Information for Seniors
  6. Academic Due Process

A copy is also available in the College Office of Academic Affairs. All students at UC are bound by the Student Code of Conduct. Copies can be found in the Advisers manual and the College Office of Academic Affairs as well as the Office of the University Ombudsman.

The University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati operates on the semester system of 14 weeks of classes and 1 week of exams. The College of Engineering is a mandatory co-op college. Therefore, students in the sophomore, pre-junior and junior years alternate between 16 weeks on campus and work assignments.


Students in the college of engineering register for courses on-line. Standard curriculum sheet are also available on-line. The majority of students will register for the standard curriculum and will only need to select an appropriate BoK course. It is important to register for the correct courses to meet all prerequisite requirements for College courses.

Those students who have academic difficulties (have withdrawn from courses, are transfer students, or other situations) should contact their academic advisor prior to registration.

Priority registration normally starts in the fifth week of the preceding semester. Students who submit their registration material by the deadline will be given priority for class registration. Students in the ME Program will not be closed out of required engineering course work. However, they may be closed out of courses from other engineering programs or other colleges. Students may petition to enter a closed course. However, it is up to the faculty in charge to grant permission to enter a closed class.