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Special Projects

Special Projects (MECH5099). There are normally two circumstances when special projects are an appropriate course. The first cases is when a faculty member has some research or project work that needs to be done and the level is appropriate for undergraduate students. The second case is when a student wishes to study a topic in which there is no formal course. In the first case, faculty will normally seek out students to help with their project. In the second case, it is the student's responsibility to first find a faculty member who is willing to direct their study. In both cases, the student and faculty then meet to define the requirements of the special project. An undergraduate student may use a maximum of three hours of Special Project credit toward their undergraduate degree. NOTE: UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS SHOULD BE CAREFUL TO REGISTER FOR THE UNDERGRADUATE COURSE (MECH5099) AND NOT THE GRADUATE COURES (MECH9021). Download a Special Project approval form (pdf document).