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Co-operative Education

The College of Engineering requires that all students seeking a baccalaureate degree must participate in the Professional Practice Program. Students work in jobs that provide practical work experience related to their major. Once begun, the alternating sequence of study and work experience must continue through all co-op periods available to each student. Although the average number of co-op quarters is six, this may vary due to the point at which students enter the program. This alternating sequence of college study and work provides students with the best possible professional preparation.

Please note that the Division of Professional Practice will attempt to help students obtain jobs that are related to their personal areas of interest and which are located in their preferred geographical locations. This, however, cannot be guaranteed due to factors that are beyond control.


General remarks:

    • In general, the only exceptions to this rule are students in ROTC who are going to boot camp or students who are planning to take the Medical School Placement Test (MCAT). In every case, exceptions to the rule must be requested in writing and must be approved by the Committee on Academic Standards.
    • Failure to co-op the Summer Quarter of the Senior Year will result in a recommendation to the Committee on Academic Standards for a one-year suspension from the College of Engineering.
  2. Note that class standing (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.) is determined by the academic quarter. All students become seniors at the start of Summer Quarter. This differs from the University, which uses credit hours to determine class standing.
  3. All students are to meet with their Professional Practice Advisor EVERY QUARTER in school to review their experiences.
  4. In an effort to maintain academic quality, the Mechanical Engineering Faculty has requested that Section I and Section II have the same number of students. Therefore, not all students who take the first summer off will be placed in Section I. In order to balance sections, some students will be placed as Section II students and will still co-op 6 times.
  5. Students with academic difficulties may not be permitted to co-op in the Sophomore Year in order to catch up academically and will therefore co-op less than 6 times.
  6. Students who request change of jobs may also be required to change co-op Section.

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