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Degree Requirements

It is the students' responsibility to know and complete all requirements for a degree from the College of Engineering.

At the University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering the students earn a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) degree. Each student is required to work in a co-op job that provides both industrial and practical experience in Mechanical Engineering. Students in the College of Engineering are all full time students and will normally register for at least 12 credit hours per semester.  The typical student will spend 8 semesters in classes and 5 semesters on co-op assignments (five years total).

In order for a student to be recommended for the appropriate B.S. degree, he or she must fulfill all of the following criteria pertaining to his or her curriculum and quality point averages including the General Education requirements.

Basic Degree Requirements

  1. Total Credit Hours: The minimum specified in the student's curriculum by class and major must be earned.
  2. Cumulative QPA (CQPA): A CQPA of 2.000 or higher must be achieved for all work taken since the student's initial registration in the College.
  3. QPA in Major (MQPA): A MQPA of 2.000 or higher in all course work (required and elective courses) in the student's major area (courses coded MECHXXXX).
  4. Course Requirements: The current curriculum sheets for each degree program are available on-line or in the College Office of Academic Affairs. All course requirements of the student's curriculum as specified by class and by major must be satisfied either by:
    1. earned grades of A, B, C, or D (students are not required to repeat "D" grades unless directed to do so by the Committee on Academic Standards and/or the student's adviser),
    2. S grades as permitted by the College or the student's major department,
    3. Advanced Standing (AS) credit,
    4. a course substitution made by means of an approved petition, or
    5. an approved petition to have a course requirement waived or to replace a required course by a course which may not be equivalent to the required course.
  5. Professional Practice Requirements: Completion of all professional practice semesters available to the student's class from the time of initial enrollment in the program through the Summer Semester of the senior year. The minimum requirement is completion, in a satisfactory manner, of the last four available practice semesters prior to graduation.

College Requirements for General Education (BoK)