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Design Clinic

The Design Clinic was established in 1989 as the Senior Capstone Design Course in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Since that time, students from Civil, Materials, and Electical Engineering have joined with Mechanical and Industrial Engineering students to solve industrial design projects.

The Design Clinic is 12 credit hours spead equally over Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters. The Autumn Quarter is spent developing the students professional skills including solid modeling, communication, and creative problem solving. In the Winter and Spring Quarters, three person student groups work on a design problem supplied by an industrial client. At the end of the project, the student team will present their design to the client company in a presentation at the company and will also prepare a written report.

If you are interested in learning more about the Design Clinic, please contact:
Dr. Tom Huston
Engineering Design Clinic
Phone: (513) 556-2645