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Course Substitution Policy - Mechanical Engineering Program

ALL course substitutions must be approved by the students academic advisor and the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

The Mechanical Engineering faculty will only accept couses subsitutions from Colleges that offer 4-year, ABET Acredited, Bachelor of Science degree programs.   Your academic advisor or the Chairman of the Undergraduate Advising Committee must approve any course substitution. A Substitute Course Petition must be submitted before taking the course. In special circumstances, your advisor may approve other courses, on an individual basis.

Note: College Policy limits a student to no more than three substitute courses in Calculus, Differential Equations, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Fundamental Courses.

The approved curriculum defines all of the required technical courses that a student must complete.

If for any reason a student would like to take a course, technical or elective, not on the approved lists, they must petition in writing. This includes courses taken at other Colleges on the University of Cincinnati campus or courses taken from other universities.

The following procedure should be followed to take a substitute course.


  1. Identify the course substitute and fill out an "Substitute Course Petition" available in 655 Baldwin Hall. If the course is to be taken at another University, you may be required to bring a course description.
  2. Take the petition to your advisor for their signature.
  3. If the course is to be taken while on co-op assignment, take the petition to your co-op advisor for their signature.
  4. Submit the petition in 665 Baldwin Hall for approval of the Chairman of the Committee on Academic Standards.
  5. Return to 665 Baldwin Hall 2 or 3 days later to pick up you copy of the complete petition.

The petition must be approved before the course work is started. Students are discouraged from taking required engineering courses at other Universities.