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Students who plan to apply to transfer into the Mechanical Engineering Program (BSME) should see Dr. Rost (594 Rhodes Hall) early in the semester they plan to apply.  Transfer into Mechanical Engineering is very competative and applications normally exceed the number of those accepted.

The Mechanical Engineering Program will accept applications for transfer at any time. Applications will be evaluated at the end of the semester in which they are received. All applications will be evaluated against:

1. how well the applicant meets the course criterion (completion of MATH1061, Calculus I, and CHEM1040, Chemistry I) and grades in those courses and any other math, science and engineering courses attempted.  General Education courses are not heavily considered in transfer applications.
2. other applications being evaluated at the same time
3. how easily the applicant can get on track with the standard engineering curriculum - you can view the curriculum on-line at
4. student class size limitations

The Mechanical Engineering Program typically receives many more applications than what the Program has space for. Not all applications will be successful and, currently, class size restrictions are requiring that we deny many qualified students.  At the current time, the class of 2019 is very near capacity.  The class of 2020 is accepting applications for transfer.