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The primary responsibility of most engineers is the design and manufacture of industrial components and products. These products, be it a machinery or device, are usually comprised of engineering materials. Thus, an essential component of any engineering project is materials science and engineering, regardless of the discipline involved.

Engineers with a background in materials science invariably find enhanced professional growth, and demonstrate greater versatility and employability. This is aptly illustrated by job listings in the state of Ohio, in which “Materials Engineering” is the second most common keyword after “Mechanical Engineering”. These numbers reflect a nationwide trend, as shown by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which projects a 9% annual growth rate for positions in materials engineering over the next decade. A program of study in materials engineering is thus increasingly relevant in any engineer’s educational experience and as a valuable, career-boosting component of a professional CV.

With these requirements, a Materials Engineering Minor program of study is needed under the semester system. The focus of this program is to increase students’ knowledge of materials so as to broaden their Co-Op choices and experiences, and to augment their job prospects. The minor is designed to be flexible so that diverse disciplines including all Engineering majors in CEAS at UC can tailor the courses taken under this program, as suited to their individual needs.


Courses Minor in Materials Engineering
21 credits (Table 1)


Two Required Courses

MTEN 3076



AEEM 2022

CHE 2064

CHE 3062

CVE 2005

MECH 2010

Material Selection in Design


(any of the following)

Thermodynamics and Energy Systems

Material and Energy Balances

CHE Thermodynamics

Fluid Mechanics/Thermodynamics


At least three MTEN Electives


Must have at least 1 from 51xx level.

MTEN 3010

MTEN 3012

MTEN 3050C

MTEN 3051

MTEN 4034

MTEN 5110L

MTEN 5112C

MTEN 5113

MTEN 5120

MTEN 5125C

MTEN 5134

MTEN 5142

MTEN 5160

MTEN 5170

MTEN 5197



Ceramic Materials

Intro to Metallurgy

Materials Processing

Polymer Synthesis

Polymer Chemistry

Physical Properties of Solids

Nano-materials Engineering

Smart Structures

Kin of Materials Processing

Polymer Processing

Physics of Polymer Properties

Composite Materials


Phase Trans

Mechanical Behavior of Materials


Other MTEN 3000, 4000, 5000 level courses offered

Two UG electives from students’ engineering major program 


For instance, for a student from the Biomedical Engineering Program, he or she must take two courses from the three enlisted BME courses.


It is possible for students to take courses from other engineering programs with the permission of the Materials Minor Director.

BME 1030

BME 4051C

BME 5124

BME 5130


CVE 2003

CVE 2031

CVE 2032

CVE 5111


MECH 2020

MECH 2030


AEEM 1001

AEEM 3058

AEEM 4058

AEEM 5058


EECE 2077

EECE 2050C

EECE 3080

EECE 2070L


CHE 5159

CHE 5157

CHE 5180


Biomaterials in Medical Devices

Joint Biomechanics and Measurement Methods

Functional Tissue Engineering


Construction Materials + Lab


Basic Strength of Materials

Advanced Strengths of Materials


Statics and Particle Dynamics

Solid Mechanics



Solid Mechanics I

Solid Mechanics II

Structure & Materials


Semiconductor Devices

Network Analysis

Engineering Electromagnetics 

Electronics 1 Laboratory


Inorganic Membranes

Fuel Cells 

Nano Colloids and their Applications

Total credits: 21