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Graduate Studies in Materials Science and Engineering

Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and Master of Engineering programs are available for both full and part time students.

For course descriptions of Graduate Materials Science and Engineering Degrees see links below:


For MSE graduate application, please visit:


Graduate School website Information on the University of Cincinnati's Graduate School

Materials Science
Graduate Student Handbook

MSE Qualifying Exam Procedures and Subtopics

MS Poster

PhD Poster

Graduate Handbook for Materials Science and Engineering Students



For additional information, write or call:

Director of MME Graduate Studies
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering Program
P.O. Box 210072
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0072

Email: Professor Donglu Shi Telephone: (513) 556-3100

Email: Ms. Julie Muenchen Telephone: (513) 556-4341