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2 ME Design Teams win 1st place awards in GM PACE Competition in Shanghai

2 ME Design Teams win 1st place awards in GM PACE Competition in Shanghai

Regal International East Asia hotel, Shanghai, China


 During the academic year 2011-12, 22  Mechanical Engineering students (pre juniors, juniors and seniors) collaborated with Industrial Design students and developed a Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) passenger vehicle by taking into account all aspects of vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing in an integrated fashion and presented their work at the 2012 PACE Annual Forum: "Powering Global Collaboration".

This was the second year of the two year PACE SUT project. Students used a variety of PACE software products during the course of development of the SUT vehicle to implement and validate their ideas. The UC team also developed a virtual manufacturing plant layout to test the feasibility of the production of the SUT passenger vehicle fulfilling all the technical specifications described by the PACE core committee.

Two ME students, Adam Hehr & Matt Arand, represented the UC PACE team at the PACE Annual Global Forum in Shanghai, China from July 22-28, 2012. Out of the 8 global teams who participated at the PACE Annual Global Forum, UC team won the “Best Production Ready Vehicle” award for addressing all the areas of a vehicle development process starting from its conceptual design to engineering analysis to manufacturing.

During the awards presentation, the PACE Core team announced to all in attendance  that the UC SUT project was the best engineered, had the best use of PACE programs, was the prime example on how to take feedback and use it the best.  GM also said that they would have no problem taking our work and going into production for the 2015 model. 

A second team of 3 Mechanical Engineering students also collaborated with an Industrial Design student on a PACE project titled, "Innovative Mobility Solution" (IMS). In the IMS competition, UC team won the first prize for their transportation solution for multiple commuters in densely populated urban areas. Based on the conceptual design from Industrial Design, innovative ideas were developed by engineering students for various sub-assemblies including steering, frame design, passenger seat design and positioning.

 Congratulations to all the PACE team members and their advisors, Associate Professor Brigid O'Kane DAAP, Professor Sam Anand CEAS and graduate students, Neeraj Panhalkar, and Ratnadeep Paul.