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Daniel O’Brien awarded P&G Simulation Technology Scholarship

Daniel O’Brien awarded P&G Simulation Technology Scholarship

Mr. Daniel O'Brien


Mr. Daniel O’Brien is the 3rd recipient of the P&G Simulation Technology Scholarship for exhibiting exemplary leadership and for his outstanding contributions to understanding diapering and skin mechanics.

Daniel has mastered several modeling disciplines used within P&G, and has grown into a trusted resource for other students to learn from.

As part of his early work at the UC Simulation Center, Daniel became an expert in computational fluid dynamics. He later mastered finite element analysis, and initiated and implemented several methods to further automate work processes in Abaqus.

Some of his work was the basis for a patent that P&G has applied for, and has been recognized internally as a major cost innovation. His Master’s thesis work required him to learn how to make measurements and build material models, which is yet another invaluable skillset to have as a successful modeler.

Daniel is highly organized and task driven, while fully engaged in the overall objective and business impact of his work. He seeks out guidance when needed, produces timely results in a user-friendly form, and is happy to train other students in using modeling software and P&G systems.

Daniel achieves results while probing for methods to improve the work process, and he’s skilled at building alignment amongst team members. Daniel’s character and know-how have led him to be a go-to resource for other FEA analysts at the UC Simulation Center, and he’s quickly becoming a resource for others within that community at P&G.