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IMS was found to be the top performer among NSF IUCRCs

An independent study1 done recently by researchers at North Carolina State University evaluated the impact of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (IUCRC) program.

The study found that all IUCRCs performed very well, and especially, UC’s Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) Center residing in the School of Dynamic Systems showed almost other-worldly performance.  The report found that IMS produced the total benefit of $846.7M using the total investment of $3.1M, an astonishing 270.2:1

Benefit-Cost Ratio (BCR).  This means that IMS produced $270 for every $1 NSF invested. The report studied three IUCRCs including the IMS.  IMS significantly outperformed the other IUCRCs as evidenced by the average BCR of the three IUCRCs was 64.7:1.

Here is the full report and the summary presentation.

1)       Measuring the Economic Impacts of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers Program: A Feasibility Study, by D.O. Gray, D. Rivers and G. Vermont