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ME Department and DAAP compete in their first Solar Decathlon

ME Department and DAAP compete in their first Solar Decathlon

UC Solar House at the National Mall

Can a home be built that is attractive, affordable, livable, marketable and also be powered solely by the Sun?  That is the question posed by the U.S. Department of Energy in their bi-annual Solar Decathlon competition and it was answered by The University of Cincinnati and 19 other schools from around the world.  The competition was fierce with entries from top flight schools like: Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Georgia Tech, Cornell, University of Texas as well as others from Germany, Spain and Puerto Rico.

uc solar house kitchen with students in relaxation mode

The competition, which lasted one week and took place at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., seemed more like an amusement park at times with long lines of excited spectators waiting to tour the different houses and speak with their designers and builders.  There was a friendly, collegiate rivalry present with many visitors enthusiastically rooting for their home teams but everyone realized that this was serious business.  These students were building the homes of the future.  A future with diminishing supplies of oil and natural gas where the threat of global warming poses a real challenge.



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