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Mechanical Engineering PhD Graduate Students Mr. Jie Duan and Mr. Wenwei Jiang Win Best Student Paper Awards at Noise-Con 2010

Mechanical Engineering PhD Graduate Students Mr. Jie Duan and Mr. Wenwei Jiang each won best student paper awards at the INCE’s (Institute of Noise Control Engineering) recent Noise-Con 2010 conference in Baltimore, MD.

Mr. Duan Presented a paper entitled, A Novel Delayless Frequency Domain Filtered-x Least Mean Square Algorithm for Vehicle Powertrain Noise Control. This paper is the culmination of two years’ worth of research in the area of active control of vehicle interior noise, and documents the development of a novel, frequency-domain algorithm that has been shown to be effective and efficient, in terms of computations, in controlling powertrain noise. This is an important and topical research area as the implementation of active control will lead to lighter, and therefore more fuel-efficient, vehicles by avoiding bulky, passive noise control measures. Future research will focus on addressing road noise.

Mr. Jiang’s paper, Two-substructure, Time-domain Transfer Path Analysis of Transient Dynamic Response of Mechanical Systems with Non-linear Coupling introduces a reliable method for addressing shock response in vehicles, vibrations transmitted from the engine or transmission through the driveline system to the passenger cabin, following an abrupt event, such as acceleration. This method was developed to overcome the limitations of current approaches to analyzing vibratory energy transfer in that it was designed for transient and/or nonlinear response problems. Future research will involve expanding this method to additional vehicle applications.

Both papers will be available in the upcoming Proceedings of the National Conference on Noise Control Engineering, 2010.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Duan ( and Mr. Jiang ( for more information about their research. To learn more about Noise-Con 2010, please visit the conference website: