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MINE to create Engineering Design clinic endowment

The MINE Department announces the creation of a special endowment fund to raise at least $2.0 million to generate income to support the project-based educational activities of the Design Clinic and to maintain the learning facility. The Design Clinic offers a multi-disciplinary capstone design course sequence for engineering students in the Mechanical, Materials, Chemical, Computer and Electrical undergraduate degree programs. The present Director of the Design Clinic is Professor Bob Rost.

In creating the Design Clinic Endowment, the Department seeks to establish long-term partnerships with external stakeholders, including employers, foundations, alumni, and interested individuals and groups through the formation of an Advisory Council to help enhance the learning experience of engineering students. The Advisory Council will advise the
Department on educational matters related to the Design Clinic, offer design project ideas, and collaborate with the engineering students enrolled in the Design Clinic.

Fundraising will target companies currently supporting the Design Clinic projects as well as other engineering companies in Cincinnati and the Midwest, corporate foundations, alumni, and individuals and groups with interest in the Design Clinic. Major donors contributing majority of the endowment will earn the naming rights to the Design Clinic. Other significant donors to the endowment will also earn a membership in the Advisory Council. All contributors will be recognized on the commemorative donor plaque that will be prominently displayed outside the Design Clinic learning facility. If you are interested in learning more about the Design Clinic, please contact Tom Curtis, director of industrial relations, at (513) 556-1169 or .