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MME PhD candidate wins ASHRAE Graduate Grant-In-Aid award

MME PhD candidate wins ASHRAE Graduate Grant-In-Aid award

Ms. Deepthi sharan Thatiparti


This year's ASHRAE Graduate Student Grant-In-Aid has been awarded to ME PhD candidate, Deepthi sharan Thatiparti. She has been selected for the ASHRAE Graduate Student Grant-In-Aid in the amount of $10,000 for the 2015-2016 academic year.

The ASHRAE Grant-In-Aid program encourages outstanding graduate students to become involved in ASHRAE research. The goal of this award is to choose candidates who have the greatest potential for involvement in ASHRAE and contributions to the ASHRAE’s activities.

And, Ms. Thatiparti has certainly done that to be selected from a group of highly qualified applicants.

  • In 2007 she received Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Osmania University, India, graduating near the top of a highly competitive and academically gifted ME class.
  • In 2007-2010 she worked as graduate research assistant at Micro-Thermal and Fluids Laboratory at UC, where she designed and conducted experiments to study the behavior of the capillary properties and understand the pore-size characteristics of the porous medium. She received Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at UC in 2010.
  • In 2013, she presented her research proposal within ASHRAE’s scope on ‘Numerical study on Health-care Workers exposure to pandemic influenza virus in hospital rooms.’ She has been admitted to candidacy for the Doctor of Philosophy degree at UC.’
  • The subject of Ms. Thatiparti’s current research, “Assessing effectiveness of HVAc configuration for preventing hospital acquired influenza transmission to healtch-care workers in airborne infection isolation rooms”, is within the scope of ASHRAE research as well as National Occupational Research Agenda’s (NORA) priority research topic. She is currently conducting research under the supervision of her academic advisor, Professor Urmila Ghia at The Computational Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratory, UC.

In addition to her exemplary accomplishments, Ms. Thatiparti also worked as Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) program graduate assistant in 2012, under Dr. Urmila Ghia’s leadership. She is also passionately engaged in professional organizations such as ASME, SWE, APS, AAUW and ASHRAE.

We take great pride in her selection for the prestigious ASHRAE award and wish her all the best in her coming endeavors.