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Mr. Nikhil Palakurthi awarded the second P&G Simulation Technology Scholarship


P&G has awarded Nikhil Palakurthi the P&G Simulation Technology Scholarship for his outstanding effort and contribution to the free surface flow modeling project at the UC Simulation Center. Nikhil is the second recipient of this scholarship. Nikhil has been working at the UC Simulation Center in partnership with P&G technologists, both local and global to enhance our understanding of free surface flow and its impact on product quality. Nikhil has excelled in several important areas: Delivering high quality technical results in the area of fluid mechanics and numerical methods;  Clearly demonstrating his fundamental engineering training by quickly identifying key challenges/opportunities and formulating a strategy to obtain a solution; and Effectively communicating the technical concepts, ideas, results to drive decisions.
Nikhil, through vendor training and self initiated study has become proficient in the use of one of the key CFD software’s in our Free Surface Flow Community, Flow3d. As part of his early work at the UC SimCenter he was able to identify numerical and formulation errors in one of our physical property models as well as propose a reformulation which has been deployed to the larger P&G CFD community. His more recent work has involved developing a validated CFD  based simulation system to  accurately predict product quality issues and enable virtual design enhancements. 
Nikhil’s energy, drive and clarity of communication has enabled him to directly participate with our Global design team. During these interactions he has influenced product design decisions by using his technical understanding of fluid mechanics supported by simulations results. He has gone beyond analyzing existing designs to using his technical insight to propose improvements. Nikhil has really exceeded all the expectations, and we look forward to his continued collaboration.