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Professor David L. Brown honored as Distinguished Alumnus

In 1969, the faculty of the College of Engineering inaugurated a program to recognize outstanding alumni, who by their achievements and stature have reflected an unusually large measure of credit on the College of Engineering and the University of Cincinnati. The Distinguished Alumnus Award was established to honor those College of Engineering graduates whose professional accomplishments place them in the forefront of their respective technical fields. Criteria include meritorious achievements in one or more of the fields of engineering, sciences, management, professional and public service and education.  On  April 27th, 2006,  Professor David  L. Brown was recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus.


David Brown enrolled in UC’s Aeronautical Engineering Department in September of 1956 and graduated first in his class in 1961. During his senior year, he was given the opportunity to teach the undergraduate Basic Aerodynamics class to pre-juniors. This sparked a desire to teach and mentor which became a lifelong career. In September, 1961, he accepted a research position in the College of Engineering—initially with the Aeronautical Engineering Department and later with the Mechanical Engineering Department—where he worked as a research assistant and research faculty member until joining the faculty as professor in Mechanical Engineering in 1984.

Dave’s PhD work, conducted in the late 60’s, led to important developments in the area of digital signal processing. More significantly, this led to new vibration and acoustic measurement processes which attracted significant academic and industrial support for the University of Cincinnati Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory (UCSDRL). Dave assumed leadership of the UCSDRL a position he held until his retirement in 2004. Beginning in the mid-70’s, a large number of international presentations and seminars were given by the UCSDRL staff, faculty and students at conferences, universities and industries.This resulted in the UCSDRL developing an excellent international reputation and significant collaborations with international universities and organizations.

Over the past 30 years, UCSDRL has been an international leader in the area of experimental structural dynamics. Hundreds of students have been educated and mentored by UCSDRL and a number of successful companies have been formed by former students locally, domestically, and internationally. It is typical of Dave’s unassuming attitude that he regards the students who were attracted into this laboratory as its main product and attributes a great part of its success to them