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Professor Sam Huang awarded an NSF grant to discover knowledge in large data sets

Professor Sam Huang has been awarded a grant of $375,000 from the National Science Foundation to develop a new manner to discover knowledge from large, highly dimensional, data sets.  The key technique does not require time-consuming pattern extraction steps traditionally used in data mining.  You can read the abstract here.

If successful, the results of this research will provide a knowledge discovery tool that enables domain experts to make better decisions in various applications including evidence-based medicine in healthcare, fault diagnosis in maintenance, and customer relationship management in finance and retail. The target application of gene expression based diagnosis, when successful, would allow physicians to identify complex genetic traits that underlie different phenotypes, disease subtypes, as well as clinical outcome.

The research is being conducted in conjunction with the UC College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  Dr. Huang is joined in this grant by Dr. Michael Wagner, and Dr. Jarek Meller of  Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.