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UC ME PACE Team wins 1st Place in Global Design Competition

UC ME PACE Team wins 1st Place in Global Design Competition

UC's 2014 PACE Design Competition winners in Turin, Italy

Students from the CEAS mechanical engineering program and the DAAP school of industrial design, led by professors Brigid O'Kane (DAAP) and Sam Anand (CEAS), won first place honors in a PACE global design competition.

Also part of the world-wide team were students from: Michigan Technological University (USA), Technische Universit├Ąte Darmstadt and RWTH Aachen Universit├Ąt (GER), and CEM Estado di Mexico (MEX).

The design challenge, which took place over two years, was to design a portable assisted mobility device (PAMD).

In the first year of the competition, students worked together to creatively design and engineer the PAMD concept virtually.

In the second year, the concept design was enhanced, re-engineered, and a physical prototype was built.

The ME team, in conjunction with students from Germany and Mexico, performed extensive engineering analyses using ANSYS and LS-DYNA and a  manufacturing process simulation was performed using Factory Flow and Factory CAD.

The final product was manufactured in Germany and shipped to Italy for the 2014 Global PACE Annual Forum at the Polytechnic University in Turin.  The competition results, given below, clearly show UC  students to be a world-class, first-class, and award winning team.

1stMarketing Research
2ndRoad Test Competition


Congratulations to Professors O'Kane, and Anand and all the students that worked so hard to make this impressive victory possible.