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UC ME Team wins 3rd place in L'Oreal Ingenius Competition

UC ME Team wins 3rd place in L'Oreal Ingenius Competition

Michael Hemmerle, Anthony Hejman, and Jamie Simms

The international final of L'Oréal Ingenius 2009, a contest aimed at engineering students, took place last Thursday in Paris. Sustainable development was one more time at the heart of this 5th international edition of the game. This year, selected students were invited to participate in a three-day plant or distribution centre diagnostic, in order to discover and analyse the facility, interview with Operations staff, and to present their ideas on the 2009 theme of "Sustainable Development: What's at Stake for L'Oréal's Operations". Every facility had to define a local case study about sustainable development in agreement with our 3 main targets: safety, quality, and efficiency.

Each of the 12 participating countries came to France to compete for the international semi-finals and final last week. Thursday night, the best 3 finalist teams competed for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize and presented their projects at la Géode, a very special 180° cinema room, part of La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, a very famous museum of Science an Technologies.

Energy, passion, professionalism and fun... A wonderful souvenir for the participants and the organizers of this unique event!

The 3 finalist teams from Canada, France and USA, defended their project at La Géode in front of a prestigious jury co-presided by Geoff Skingsley, Executive Vice-president Human Resources and Jean-Philippe Blanpain, Operations Managing Director, and composed of: Zack Mansdorf, Senior Vice-President of Safety, Health & Environment and Alain Webster, Vice-Rector for Administration and Sustainable Development at the Sherbrooke University, Canada. Last year's winning team was Canadian. They proposed a brilliant idea that thrilled L'Oréal teams and which is being deeply studied over there for potential application.

The contest was built on a real live case study. In collaboration with the local Human Resources team, the plant of each country created its own case study relating it to sustainable development. The participating teams had the unique opportunity to spend 3 days in the local plant to carry out their diagnosis. At the end of these 3 on-site days, the local jury selected the finalist team, which worked then with a coach from the plant to prepare the international finals.

The Canadian team from l'Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal  won 1st prize. The 3 students had been coached by David O'Hayon and François Clément from the Ville Saint-Laurent plant, headed by Jean-Victor Pycke. The 2nd prize went to the French team from the Ecole Cimie Paris, and the 3rd prize went to the American team from The University of Cincinnati. The 3 winning teams walked away with a voucher for a trip to the destination of their choice...

Congratulations to these incredibly talented students!