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NSF MRI grant awarded to a Group of UC faculty to build a pilot microfactory for nanomedicine devices


In 1959, Richard Feynman, Nobel laureate and nanotechnology pioneer, stated: “Development of tiny machines cannot be avoided.” Understandably, people were skeptical and said that tiny robots cannot ever be built or work within the human body. A major research instrumentation (MRI) grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF) with matching funds from UC and the State of Ohio was recently awarded to a group of UC faculty. The grant will help researchers to realize Richard Feynman’s dream of building tiny machines. The funds will be used to develop a “Pilot Microfactory for Nanomedicine Devices.” The microfactory will use nanoscale raw materials to build biomedical microdevices and tiny machines that may open up a new frontier in medicine. The project team is composed of professors from three colleges:Mark Schulz, Vesselin Shanov and Murali Sundaram (engineering and applied science), David Mast (arts and science), and Zhongyun Dong (medicine). The plan is described in more detail here at Nanoworld News.