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Honorary and Adjunct

List of honorary and adjunct faculty in MME






Faculty Contact

 Teaching and Research Interests

  Robert E. Schafrik, Honorary Professor
PhD, Ohio State University; Member of NAE
 Materials science and engineering
  Suna Polat, Honorary Professor
PhD; CEAS College Advisory Council Chair




Faculty Contact

Teaching and Research Interests

Begona Campos-Naciff, Senior Research Associate
PhD, ENCB National Polytechnic Institute Mexico

UC College of Medicine
Tel: (513) 558-0331

Dialysis access, cytotoxicity, biodegradable implants, oxidative stress, endothelial dysfunction and inflammation.
David S. Lashmore, Research Professor of Materials Science
PhD, University of Virginia

University of New Hampshire
Tel: (603) 276-8487

Boron nitride nanotubes, high performance fiber, high performance batteries, and h-bn multi-junction solar cells.