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MME Emeritus Faculty



Research Interests


Brown, David, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1976, University of Cincinnati


Experimental modal analysis; vibrations; system dynamic analysis; acoustics.

  Brown, Max, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1968, Ohio State University

Machine Design, Safety
buchananrelva  prof.png

Buchanan, Relva,Professor,ScD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Office: 504C Rhodes Hall
Phone: (513)-556-3190
Homepage: Relva Buchanan

Ceramic Engineering, Ceramic-Polymer Composites, Dielectrics, Piezoelectrics, Thick Films and Sensors, Energy Storage, Supercapacitors
laura caldwell

Caldwell, Laura, Associate Professor Emeritus
MSc, 1980, University of Cincinnati

Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Engineeirng Technology


dave1.jpg Dave, Janak, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1976, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Product Development; Product Design
frank espelage

Espelage, Frank, Instructor Emeritus
BsME, University of Cincinnati

5657 Lauderdale Dr.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45239


ghia.jpgGhia, Urmila, Professor
PhD, 1971, Illinois Institute of Technology
Office: 683 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-4612
Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics; unsteady separation; adaptive-grid techniques.
dan humpert Humpert, Dan, Associate Professor Emeritus
MS, 1984, University of Cincinnati
Teaching Interest: Planning, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Database, Computer Applications, and Introduction to IT
Research Interest: Control Theory and Robotics Res


Huston, Ronald, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1962, University of Pennsylvania

Office: 500M Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-6133

Multibody dynamics; crash victim simulation; biomechanics; accident reconstruction; sport mechanics; finite element methods.



Hall, Ernest, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1971, University of Missouri

Intelligent robots; machine vision; industrial robots.


Quo, Phil, Professor Emeritus
JD, 1949, University of Amoy China

Computer aided design and manufacturing, Solid modeling, Engineering Education

Rost, Robert, Associate Professor
PhD, 1985, University of Cincinnati
Director: ME Undergraduate Studies
Office: 594 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-0420

Vibrations; modal analysis; experimental techniques.
  Shapiro, Alvin, Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1968 University of Cincinnati Nuclear Engineering



Shupe, Dean, Professor Emeritus
ScD, 1969, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Thermo-Fluid Dynamics;  Engineering Economics; Engineering Education.


Tepe, Frank, Professor Emeritus
PhD, University of Michigan

Controls, Dynamics

Thorpe, James, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1960, University of Pittsburgh

Kinematics; Machine Design; Fluid Mechanics; Forensic Engineering; Engineering Education.  

Tsuei, Y.G., Professor Emeritus,
PhD, 1963, Colorado State University

Fluid Mechanics

Wang, I. C., Professor Emeritus,
PhD, 1963, University of Illinois

Finite Element Method, Solid Mechanics, Design