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MSE Faculty

List of MME faculty in the Materials Science and Engineering Program


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Faculty Contact

Teaching and Research Interests

jiroh.png Iroh, Jude, Professor
PhD, 1990, University of Connecticut
Director: PRC

Office: 498 Rhodes Hall
Phone: (513) 556-3115
Conducting polymers and composites; processing and properties of composites, nanocomposites, electrochemical synthesis, surface coatings and corrosion of metals; processing of thin films and coatings.
Paz y Puente, Ashley, Assistant Professor
PhD, 2016, Northwestern University
Office: 640 ERC
Phone: (513) 556-3133
Phase transformations; diffusion reactions and kinetics; diffusion coatings; Kirkendall effect, metallic microtubes, intermetallics; high temperature alloys; shape memory alloys; additive manufacturing; metallic scaffolds; X-ray tomography.

Shi, Donglu, Professor
PhD, 1986, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Chair, The Materials Science and Engineering Program
Lab: Nanomaterials & Nano Biomedicine

Office: 493 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-3100

Nanostructures; nanomedicine, nano photonics, magnetism, nanocomposites; energy materials and devices.

Steiner, Matt, Assistant Professor, PhD, 2014, University of Virginia
Office: 635A Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-8051
Phase transformations; metallurgy; intermetallics; chemical ordering; strain-effects on phase equilibria; materials characterization; thin film deposition; magnetic materials; crystallographic texture evolution; laser-material interactions
 vasudevanvijay  prof.png

Vasudevan, Vijay, Professor
PhD, 1986, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Office: 501D ERC
Phone: 513-556-3103

Physical metallurgy; phase transformations; mechanical behavior; deformation mechanisms; creep; structure-property relations; transmission electron microscopy; diffraction; spectroscopy intermetallics; high temperature alloys and composites; nanoscale materials; thin films and interconnect materials.