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Dr. Roy Eckart



office:    665 Baldwin Hall
phone:   (513) 556-5416
fax:       (513) 556-3390

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Dr. Eckart was appointed Interim Dean for the College of Engineering on September 1, 2004. Dr. Eckart is an excellent teacher and researcher with a strong background in university administration. He served the college for ten years as Senior Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Academic and Administrative Affairs. Dr. Eckart was the department head in Mechanical, Industrial and Nuclear Engineering for five years h m 1990-1995. He has been active in fund-raising for the College of Engineering.

As Associate Dean, Dr. Eckart led the college through two very successful accreditation reviews. Dr. Eckart worked to develop the ACCelerated ENgineering Degree (ACCEND) program concept. He originated the concept of the Freshman Engineering Program which was a major factor in increasing the college enrollment. He also originated the 'Network of Success" program that resulted in high retention rates for freshman students in the College of Engineering. Dr. Eckart chaired the committee that developed the faculty workload guidelines.

Dr. Eckart has a distinguished record as an engineering educator. He has received several awards at both the college level and the national level. The Engineering Tribunal twice awarded him the "Teacher of the Year" award. He received the "Neil Wandmacher Excellence in Teaching Award" and a national award, "AT and T Foundation Award for Excellence in Instruction of Engineering Students."

Dr. Eckart has co-authored two books: "Modern Power Plant Engineering" published by Prentice Hall and "Nuclear Fuel Design and Analysis" published by The American Nuclear Society. He has published or presented 46 peer-reviewed journal articles or conference proceedings. During the period of 1985 - 1995, Dr. Eckart and his research group were awarded 17 research contracts worth $2,795,000 for health risk assessment due to radioactive materials in the workplace and the environment. This research work aided in the clean-up of contaminated weapons sites in the State of Ohio at Fernald, Mound, Portsmouth and the nuclear plants near Cleveland and Toledo. Dr. Eckart also did extensive research work related to the cleanup of plutonium bearing soils at the Nevada Weapons Test Site. In the late 1980's Dr. Eckart's research group was nationally recognized as one of the few research groups that would analyze and predict the health effects due to uranium and plutonium in soils.

Dr. Eckart is active in educational research. The General Electric Fund awarded him a $450,000 grant to determine how the new instructional technologies could be utilized to improve engineering education. This educational research became the foundation of the college's Accelerated ENgineering Degree (ACCEND) programs.

Dr. Eckart has teamed with the UC Foundation to raise funds for the College of Engineering. For example, he prepared the original proposal for the Brian Rowe grant for women-in-engineering. This grant was initially for $300,000 for 3 years and has now been renewed for an additional 3 years at $140,000 per year.


Degrees with Fields, Institutions, Dates

 Ph.D    University of Cincinnati  1971
 M.S.    University of Cincinnati  1964
 M.E.    Stevens Institute of Technology  1956

Other Related Experience

Senior Engineer - Space Power Systems, General Electric Co. Evendale OH.
Aerospace Engineer - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,
Greenbelt MD
Technical Engineer - Jet Engine Department, General Electric
Co. Evendale, OH

Consulting Experience

  • Westinghouse Materials Company of Ohio
  • National Lead of Ohio
  • Cincinnati Gas and Electric
  • Lockheed Engineering Systems
  • TRW Inc.
  • Y.H.Yoh Co.
  • William Powell Valve Co.
  • Eckenfelder Company