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Lab Directors Receive Faculty Award

Nanoworld Lab Directors Mark Schulz and Vesselin Shanov received the Established Entrepreneurial Achievement Award at the 2015 University of Cincinnati Faculty Awards Celebration.

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Dr. Vesselin Shanov

Professor, Biomedical, Chemical and Environmental Engineering    

Dr. Mark Schulz

Professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering


On April 15, 2015, Nanoworld Lab directors Vesselin Shanov and Mark Schulz were recognized for their entrepreneurial achievement in an all-university faculty awards ceremony. UC President Santa Ono and Provost Beverly Davenport presented the award for successful commercial ventures based on research and intellectual property. Shanov and Schulz, from UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science founded Nanoworld over a decade ago. The UC Nanoworld Laboratories are an interdepartmental research laboratory group that develop innovative smart materials, sensors and devices by intersecting the various disciplines of science and engineering. The main concentration of research is in the Nanotechnology, Biomimetics, Composites and Smart Structures fields. The Nanoworld Laboratories are an exciting interdisciplinary experimental-theoretical learning environment for undergraduate through PhD level students. The Nanoworld Lab Group is composed of seven different labs, each with a specific research purpose.

Nanoworld has been at the forefront of nanotechnology research with innovative projects, industry and government collaboration and world class equipment and instrumentation. In 2007, they demonstrated the ability to manufacture the longest carbon nanotubes ever-recorded (22 millimeters tall) using their novel chemical vapor deposition technology. This accomplishment attracted interest from the scientific and defense community, ultimately leading to their founding the UC spinoff company, General Nano. The lab directors started General Nano Company in 2008 with Joe Sprengard. Based in Norwood, the firm specializes in developing different forms of carbon nanotube (CNT) materials for various applications. Their customers include the Department of Defense, NASA and numerous aerospace and defense original equipment manufacturers and prime contractors. Shanov and Schulz continue to be the impetus behind General Nano’s success as they improve CNT materials for use in a wide range of applications from wearable electronics to classified defense weapon systems.


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 Posted April 2015

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