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Nanotube Superfiber Materials Book Released

Nanoworld Laboratories directors and researchers receive publication of third edited book.


Nanotube Superfiber Materials - Changing Engineering Design

Edited by Mark J. Schulz, Vesselin N. Shanov and Zhangzhang Yin

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Nanotube Superfiber Materials refers to different forms of macroscale materials with unique properties constructed from carbon nanotubes. These materials include nanotube arrays, ribbons, scrolls, yarn, braid, and sheets. Nanotube materials are in the early stage of development and this is the first dedicated book on the subject. Transitioning from molecules to materials is a breakthrough that will positively impact almost all industries and areas of society. This is the first book to explore the production and applications of macro-scale materials made from nano-scale particles sets out the processes for producing macro-scale materials from carbon nanotubes, and describes the unique properties of these materials. It is a comprehensive professional reference for all applied scientists and engineers for developing new properties and applications using nanotube superfiber and yarn materials, processes and products.

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Posted November 2013

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