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Lab Director


Lab Director

Vesselin N. Shanov, Ph.D. - Dr. Shanov is a Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. He has international experience and engineering knowledge in the development of facilities and technologies for processing nano-structured materials and thin films. He has also won several prestigious awards, including the Fulbright Award for Research and Teaching in the United States, German Academic Foundation (DAAD), and the Bulgarian Patent Office Award for Distinguished Patent. His current research is focused on synthesis, processing, characterization, and application of nanostructured materials with emphasis on carbon nanotubes. He has published more than 145 papers, 14 patents, four books, and has been a part of more than thirty-eight funded proposals including many with the National Science Foundation, United States Navy and several industries.
Mark J. Schulz, Ph.D., P.E. - Dr. Schulz is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. He develops highly collaborative interdisciplinary research programs encompassing: (a) Nanoscale smart materials, sensors, and actuators for structural and biomedical applications, (b) Artificially intelligent structures using biomimetics, and (c) Applied/basic research developing Structural & Human Health Monitoring systems. Dr. Schulz led a Phase I SBIR project with the Air Force to spin carbon nanotubes into thread for electrical power conduction applications. He has co-authored over one hundred fifty total conference, journal, and book chapters, and has also edited three books. Dr. Schulz is registered as a Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio.



















Dr. Noe Alvarez, Post Doctor studying synthesis characterization and application of carbon nanotube materials. He brings experience gained during his PhD study in Chemistry at Rice University, post doctoral stay at the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute in Japan, and  industrial exposure in the field of composite nanomaterials.

Dr. Weifeng Li, Post Doctoral Scholar studying nanoscale devices.

Dr. John Yin, Program Manager for the NSF  Engineering  Research Center for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials.

Dr. Albert Song,





Mark Haase

Pravahan Salunke


Rachit Malik

Yonghai Zhang



Dr. Jon Won Lee from the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, worked in the Smart Materials Lab on structural health monitoring from 2004-2005

Dr. GyeongRak Choi from the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, worked on nano-composite materials in 2006

Dr. Nilijan Mallik from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi- 221005, UP, India, worked in the Smart Materials Lab spinning nanotubes into thread from 2007-2008



Arvind Krishnaswamy, MS

Brad Ruff, MS

James Sullivan, MS

Anshuman Sowani, MS

Adam Hehr, MS

Madhura Patwardhan, MS

Bolaji Suberu, MS

Charles Dandino, MS

Rutvij Kotecha, MS

Rajiv Venkatasubraman, MS

Wongdong Cho, Ph.D

Dingchuan Xue, Ph.D.

Chaminda Jayasinghe, Ph.D.

Joe Kluner, MS

Mitesh Oswal, MS

Surya Sundaramurthy, MS

Brian Williams, MS

Ajmar Maruthi, MS

Lalitya Mullapudi, MS

Ying Chen, MS

Supriya Chakrabarti, Ph.D.

Yeo-Heung Yun, Ph.D.

Lucy, Lee, MS

Gautam Seth, MS

Andrew Gorton, MS

Gunjan Maheshwari, MS

Sai Lalitya Mullapudi, MS

Mitul Dadhania, UG

Goutham Kirikera, Ph.D.

Emily Head, UG

Alexzandra J. Spatholt, UG Summer research student (2006)

Vishal Shinde, (2006), Research Scientist, Physical Acoustics Corporation

Dr. Inpil Kang, PhD (2005), Research Assistant Professor, Konkuk University, Korea

Ramanand Gollapudi, MS (2005)

Atul Muskin, MS (2004), Mahindra Ltd, India

Sachin Jain, MS (2004), Freightliner LLC

Suhasini Narasimhadevara, MS (2004)

Sri Laxmi Pammi, MS (2003), Dept of Material Science

Saurabh Datta, MS (2003)

Gregory Stelzer, MS (2002)

Jacob Hause (UG student), AFRL Intern,Wright Patterson Airforce Base, Spring 2003.

Courtney Brown (UG student), (Summer supported by Women in Science and Engineering Program/MINE Dept., fall 02 supported by research and Ohio space grant)

Nicole Reinart (UG student), (Summer 2003 supported by the Women in Science and Engineering Program and MINE Dept.)


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