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Dr. Jay Kim
PhD, 1988, Purdue University
Office: 598 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-6300

image_thumb.jpgProfessor of ME program, Head of the MME Department and the Director of the OSHE Program, has been with the University of Cincinnati since 1990. He has been the PI of many research projects funded by industry and federal agencies including Ford, Carrier, National Science Foundation (NSF) and NIOSH. Dr. Kim typically advises one trainee, teaches safety or safety related courses, administers the Program and organizes ERC-wide collaborations. His areas of teaching and researchinterest are vibration, acoustics and signal processing applied to human safetyand health issues.   

 Dr. Thomas Huston
PhD, 1985, University of Cincinnati
Director, Design Clinic
Office: 626 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-2645

dr. houston

PE, CSP, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering is the Deputy Director of the OSHE Program.  He has been teaching two core safety courses; Occupational Safety Engineering and Safety Engineering and Product Liability for the past 15 years.  As the Deputy Director, Dr. Huston will support Dr. Kim, the Program Director, in making major decisions and running the Program, and mentor trainees. Dr. Huston is known for his excellence in education and has received numerous teaching awards, including the Presidential Teaching award in 2008 recognized as the most prestigious teaching award at UC. Dr. Huston is in charge of up-dating all safety courses of the OSHE Program, coordinating courses with the College of Medicine Department of Environmental Health, and developing and conducting in-course safety projects. 

Dr. Henry Spitz
PhD, 1978, New York University
Office: 500 Chemistry
Phone: 513-556-2003

dr. spitzProfessor of Mechanical Engineering, established the Laboratory for Radiological Assessment and Measurement where his students study techniques for measurement and calibration of radiation detection equipment, in vivo measurements, and evaluate effects of natural and technologically-enhanced radiation in the environment. Dr. Spitz collaborates with NIOSH to evaluate radiation exposures received by former atomic weapons workers. Dr. Spitz received the Department of Energy (DOE) Health Physics Faculty Research Award and in 2007 is a Fellow of the Health Physics Society. Dr. Spitz has published more than 50 journal papers and numerous papers in conference proceedings.

Dr. Rupak Banerjee
PhD, 1992, Drexel University
Lab: Transport in Engineering and Medicine
Office: 593 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-2124

dr. banerjee

Professor of Mechanical Engineering (primary) and Biomedical Engineering (secondary), has research and teaching interests exploring application of analytical, numerical and experimental engineering principles to the study of biological systems. He is an expert in experimental and numerical techniques, especially in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), including solving transient or steady state physiologic and patho-physiologic flow, mass, heat transfer problems coupled with pharmacokinetics. His research has been supported by National Institutes of health (NIH), NSF, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Veterans Affair (VA) and American Heart Association.

Dr. Mark Schulz
PhD, 1993, University of Buffalo
Lab: NanoWorldSmart
Office: 498 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-4132

dr. schulz

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, is co-Director of the Nanoworld and Smart Materials Laboratories and the Deputy Director of the NSF Engineering Research Center for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials. Dr. Schulz is also the Chief Technology Officer of General Nano LLC, a biomedical product development start-up company that commercializes UC discoveries including carbon nanotube material called Black CottonTM . In the OSHE Program, the Nanoworld Laboratories will be available to support graduate and undergraduate teaching, research, and recruitment. 

Dr. Vesselin N. Shanov


Professor of Material Engineering program is co-Director of the Nanoworld. He has 30 years of academic and industrial experience in research and development related to technologies and facilities for processing of advanced materials and thin films. His recent research focuses on synthesis, characterization, processing, and application of nanostructured materials such as carbon nanotubes and graphene. His current research includes active collaborations with faculty from the UC College of Medicine, and particularly with the PI of this proposal Dr. Prabir Roy-chaudhury. Dr. Shanov provides the needed expertise to do the proposed research related to the materials in the OSHE Program.

Dr. Milind Jog
PhD, 1993, University of Pennsylvania
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program Director (Thermal-Fluids Science)
Co-Director: TFPL
Office: 687 Rhodes Hall
Phone: 513-556-1675

jogmilind.jpgProfessor of Mechanical Engineering, will be research mentor of OSHE trainees and will participate in the Targeted Research Training program. Dr. Jog has more than 20 years of experience in engineering education and has served as the principal investigator (PI) and Co-PI of several federal and industrial grants including NSF, CDC/NIOSH, and NIH funded projects. Dr. Jog’s recent research focus is on understanding the complex processes of droplet formation and droplet impact on surfaces by experimental investigations and state-of-the-art computational simulations. 

Dr. Fred Beyette
Ph. D, 1995, Colarado State University
CEAS - Electrical Eng & Computing Systems 0030
Office: Rhodes Hall 900
Phone: 513-556-4588

0074beyettefred2952.jpgProfessor of Electrical Engineering, will mentor trainees, develop research ideas, and lecture materials linked to occupational safety, health, and environment. Dr. Beyette’s research focus is on the development of point-of-care technologies. Dr. Beyette’s effort includes identifying unmet clinical needs in the area of acute neurologic care, providing support for technology developers who are working to build point-of-care device that are designed to address the identified unmet clinical needs in acute neurologic care and develop educational materials and training programs that help clinicians, scientists, engineers, designers and testing and commercialization of point-of-care technologies that address unmet clinical needs in acute neurologic care.

Dr. Amit Bhattacharya
Ph. D, University of Kentucky
Division: Industrial hygiene
Office: G07B Wherry Hall
Phone: 513-558-0503


CPE, Professor of Environmental Health with a joint appointment in the ME program is the Deputy Director of UC ERC, the Director of the PRP program and the Director of Continuing Education program .He teaches two safety core courses co-listed as ME and Environmental and Industrial Hygiene (EIH) courses: Principles of Ergonomics and Physical Aspects of the Environment. He has collaborated with numerous engineering faculty including Drs. Kim, Schulz, Shanov, Papautsky and Banerjee in various occupational safety related studies. Dr. Bhattacharya edited an ergonomics text book in which Dr. Kim contributed a chapter on noise measurement and control. Dr. Bhattacharya collaborates with OSHE faculty and students in the TRT program. 

Dr. Kermit Davis
Ph. D, 2001, The Ohio State University
Office: 423 Kettering Lab
Phone: 513-558-2809

davisk.jpgCPE, Associate Professor of Environmental Health directs the EIH program in the ERC. Dr. Davis interacts with all OSHE trainees through teaching the year-long sequence of interdisciplinary workshop courses. He is in the editorial board of Gait & Posture, Human Factors, Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, Occupational Ergonomics, Work. Dr. Davis conducted numerous ergonomic research supported by industry and NIOSH. Dr. Davis participates actively in OSHE through instruction of Principles of Ergonomics course, and mentors OSHE trainees bringing in his strong expertise in ergonomics and human factor engineering. Dr. Davis’ research has been supported by NIOSH, Hills Rom and many industrial corporates. Dr. Davis is in the editorial board of many journals including Gaits & Posture, Work, Occupational Ergonomics.

Dr. Philip A. Stuebbe
Assistant Professor
CEAS - Mechanical Eng 0072
Office: Rhodes Hall 598
Phone: 513-556-2738

nophoto.jpgAdjunct Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering is a safety engineer engaged in risk management at General Electric Aviation. He teaches System Safety course required of all OSHE students. This course is taken by many ERC trainees as well as many other graduate and undergraduate students. Dr. Stuebbe also develops safety projects for OSHE students and provides his input to trainees’ research.






OSHE students as of May 2015

 First nameLast nameProgramAdvisorResearch AreaDegreeExpected Graduation dateThesis Title
1 MattCoombs MEDr. KimSpinal injury Ph.DAugust 2015Bio-mechanics of spinal system
2 MaishaMurry MEDr. SpitzRadiation safety Ph.D 2018Occupational and environmental exposure to resuspended
3 JosephLovelace EEDr. BeyettePoint of care MS 2017Portable EEG technology for assessment of Fatigue, Traumatic Brain Injury and other Neurologic Impairments.
4 SamuelMiller MSEDr. BanerjeeNano particle MS 2017Pathogen capture using magnetuc microbeads
5 MattOwens MEDr. JogThermal science  MS 2017Splatter reduction in manufacturing processes for worker health and safety
6 MattGiovanetti EEDr. BeyetteTBD MS 2018TBD






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