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Hands and Arm Vibration Syndrome

by Jay Kim last modified 2013-10-07 12:53

Exposure to excessive vibration causes various Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD). It is one of the most costly occupational diseases estimated to be costing $13-$52 billion annually. Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is one of the major MSD which affects constructions workers and miners. Reduction of blood flow and blanching of the skin are examples of HAVS; however the precise injury mechanism is not yet clear. Our current research is to obtain better understanding on the mechanism of HAVS based on theortical and numerical modeling. The approach includes a numerical modeling of finger and hand subjected to various vibrations, basic modeling of blood circulation system and devising proper experimental methods.  This research is a relatively new attempt which we look for funding sources.  For more information, you may also visit the home page of Dr. Jay H. Kim.

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