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PACE 2009-2010

by Neeraj Panhalkar last modified 2012-04-16 20:17

The Manufacturing phase of the EMV Project and the PACE Systems and Mobility Studio.

Emerging Market Vehicle - Manufacturing Phase

UC Engineering successfully participated in the manufacturing phase of the Emerging Market Vehicle (EMV) project. UC was responsible for the developing a state of the art virtual manufacturing facility for three sub assemblies: Suspension, Chassis and Frames and Tires and Wheels. UC students collaborated with multiple universities led by SKKU in South Korea and made the EMV project a success. A total of 15 UC Mechanical students participated in this project.

For the PACE-2010 Emerging Market Vehicle (EMV) project, the University of Cincinnati was responsible for three subassemblies- Tires and Wheels, Suspension, and Chassis and Frame. The primary goal was to come up with a manufacturing and assembly plant layout for the Emerging Market Vehicle (EMV). All the three teams came up with the manufacturing process and plant layout for their particular sub-assembly. To give an insight into the manufacturing and assembly of an automotive, the students were given an opportunity to visit the GM Corvette plant at Bowling Green, KY. The visit proved to be very helpful in designing the plant layout for the EMV project.

Find the poster here

PACE Systems and Mobility Studio

During the 2009-2010 academic year, under the PACE project, students from Mechanical Engineering Department (ME) collaborated with College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP ) - Industrial Design (ID) students to work on various engineering projects. Groups of two students (one each from Mechanical Department and DAAP- ID) were formed to work on the projects namely, Bombardier Long Island Sound Crossing, a Maglev Train, Polaris HZero Emergency Terrain Vehicle, Zip Car project, BMW Omega, Ford Duo Engineering Brief, Multi Terrain Rescue Vehicle, Waterborne Monorail Project. Concepts involved in all the projects were very interesting and students from both the departments mutually benefited by collaboratively working on the projects. The table below summarizes the work performed by engineering students on their respective project.

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