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PACE 2011-2012 : Sustainable Urban Transport Vehicle- Manufacturing Phase

by Neeraj Panhalkar last modified 2012-10-31 14:14

Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) project to develop personal transport vehicles which run on sustainable and renewable energy sources.

University of Cincinnati actively participated in the Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) PACE project and collaborated with different engineering and design schools across the world. The focus of SUT project was on Manufacturing and was a continuation of last year's SUT Design Phase. As part of the Manufacturing Phase of SUT vehicle, UC students worked on design and simulation in addition to manufacturing. Based on these three areas, three teams were formed from a select group of Mechanical Engineering senior, junior and pre-junior students with each team being assigned detailed tasks. The design team was responsible for modifying and re-designing the car by taking inputs from the simulation and manufacturing teams. The Manufacturing team was responsible for developing a plant layout for various sub-assemblies to reduce the overall movement of various car parts. They were also responsible to identify the manufacturability of the designed components and provide feedback to the design team. The Simulation team was assigned with performing Static and Dynamic Finite Element Analysis and also for conducting Kinematic simulations on the car body and components.

Wheel and Suspension Design

Human Factor Analysis

Factory CAD Design of Frame Assembly Plant

Factory Flow Analysis of Frame Assembly Plant

Gear Design of Steering Mechanism

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