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Summary of Research Activities:(Analytical, Computational and Experimental)

Drivetrain Noise & Vibration Control 
Transmission, Supercharger, Engine, Shafts, Gears, etc. 
 * Study of dynamic forces & motions.
 * Design for reduced noise & vibration.
Automotive NVH 
Body Structures, Interior Acoustics, Chassis, Suspension, Tire/Wheel, etc.
 * Study of structure & air-borne paths.
 * Substructuring analysis.
 * Modal & spectral sensitivity.
Product Sound Quality
Electro-mechanical actuators, Rotating components, Intake-Exhaust Systems, Brakes, etc. 
 * Vibro-acoustic analysis & control.
 * Statistical modeling.
 * Signal processing.
Active Noise and Vibration Control
Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI), Vehicle interior noise, Gearbox vibration, etc. 
 * Development of effective control algorithm.
 * Implementation methods.
 * Signal processing.


Selected Research Projects

  • Active Noise Control System Package for Treating Powertrain and Road Noise Response
  • Active Control System Package for Transient and Broadband NVH Disturbances from Powertrain Sources
  • Acoustic Transfer Function Active Control System for Automotive Powertrain Noise
  • High Performance Modeling and Simulation
  • Spiral Bevel Gear Dynamic Modeling for Off-highway Vehicle Application
  • Active Noise Control System for Broadband Frequency Response
  • Active Acoustic Noise Cancellation for MRI
  • Prognostics Tools for Failure Prediction of Critical Components in Combat Vehicles for Future Combat Systems
  • Integrity Testing of Chemical Protective Suits
  • Product Opportunity Space for Firefighter Turnout CBRN
  • HVAC Compressor Sound and Vibration Engineering
  • Spectral-based Substructuring for Gear Whine NVH Modeling
  • Acoustic Noise Quality Analysis of an Automotive Solenoid Valve
  • Driveline NVH Modeling
  • Face-hobbed Hypoid Tooth Wear Problem
  • Analytical Multi-body System Dynamic Models for High Speed Bevel and Hypoid Gears
  • Rotorcraft Cabin Noise Quality Analysis
  • Modeling Tools and Methodology for Rear Axle Gear Whine
  • Active Noise and Vibration Control in High Power Density Gearboxes
  • Railroad Crossing Safety Technologies
  • Liquid Fuelled Fuel Cell APU System
  • Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Right-angle Geared Rotor System
  • Dynamics of Advanced Drivetrain Systems
  • An Analytical, Computational and Experimental Study of the Dynamics, Durability and NVH Characteristics of Automotive Structures
  • Scanning Laser and Rotational Vibrometer Testing for Mid-frequency Vibro-acoustic Research
  • Vibration Coupling Modeling and Design Strategies for Precision Powertrain Components
  • Vibro-acoustics and Sound Quality Research
  • FRF-based Sub-structuring Technique for Vehicle System Analysis
  • High-speed Multichannel Measurement System for Structural Vibration and Acoustics Research
  • Automatic Transmission Planetary Gear Noise Analysis
  • Crank Rumble Noise Objective Measurement and Analysis
  • A System Approach for Exhaust Noise Designed for Brand Characteristics
  • Quantitative Methods to Determine Sound Quality of Automotive Doors, Latches and Motors
  • Supercharger and Transmission Gear Vibration Modeling and Analysis
  • Vehicle System and Component Noise, Vibration, Dynamics and Sound Quality Studies
  • Truck Engine Noise Analysis
  • Transmission Gear Noise Measurement and Analysis
  • Powertrain Structure Modal Analysis,
  • Powerplant Environmental Noise Analysis
  • Low Frequency Vehicle Shake Problem
  • Vehicle Body Vibration Characterization
  • Vibration Testing, Modeling and Analysis of Exhaust Structures
  • Concept Design Optimization of an Engine Mounting System
  • Automotive Seat Track Noise Quality Analysis
  • Automotive Electronic Accessory Vibration and Durability Testing
  • Truck Axle Noise Minimization
  • Body Acoustics Sensitivity Analysis
  • Transaxle Gear Noise Modeling
  • Spiral Bevel Gear Dynamic Response Modeling
  • Hydro-pneumatic Suspension Response Modeling
  • Shock Response of Mobile Communication Shelter
  • Road Noise Transmissibility from the Rear Suspension
  • Road Noise Transmissibility from the Front Subframe
  • Final Drive Gear Noise Simulation
  • Transmission Gear Noise Analysis


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