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Simulation Tools

by Hariram Satakopan last modified 2010-11-10 14:35

The research efforts of the lab have led to the development of the following modeling and simulation tools:

Hypoid Gear Mesh and Dynamic Simulation Program (HGSim)

  • An integrated hypoid/bevel gear mesh and dynamic modeling/simulation tool.
  • Includes various gear mesh and dynamic modeling options.
  • GUI-based software environment.
  • Linear time-invariant and nonlinear time-varying simulations.
  • For analysis of hypoid/bevel gear vibration and noise concerns.

For more details, click here

For a Webinar training session on HGSim click here


Rolling Element Bearing Matrix Program (REBM)

The REBM (Rolling Element Bearing Matrix) program is used to compute the elements of a linearized time-invariant bearing stiffness matrix of dimension 5. The approach is based on the research efforts of Professor Teik C. Lim. Its formulation is derived from the fundamental theory of mechanics and Hertzian theory. The stiffness elements are computed from bearing parameters and static loads or mean bearing displacements. For more information, please click here

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